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Завдання для учнів 7 класу по темі  Past Perfect Tense


Exercise1.Розкрийте дужки

I just (to come) home when Mike (to call).

I (to book) the table before we (to go) to the cafe.

Jenny had a terrible pain in her leg.

She (to injure) it in a car accident.

John (to leave) the place by the time my mother (to return) from work.

When they (to arrive) the registration for their flight (already/to begin)

The team (already/to play) half of the game when we (to arrive) at the stadium.


Exercise 2.Розкрийте дужки

Mary worked as a doctor. 1. She (to arrive) at the hospital and (to have) to check the patients. At room 6 there was Mrs. Wirt. 2. She (to had) a car accident and (to broke) her arm. 3. Her neighbor — Mrs. Lauren — (to fall) from the stairs and (to injure) her leg. Now she had to spend several weeks here. 4. And Mr. Spank (to get) poisoned with bad food. Mary was a doctor to all these people. 5. She (to take) the decision to become a therapist before she (to turn) 6 years old.

Exercise 3.Розкрийте дужки

She (to have) a training by the time her friend’s classes (to end).

John (to tell) me that he (to buy) a very interesting book the day before.

Jane (to present) the song she (to write) several months before.

By the time we (to get) to the station, the train (already/ to leave).

Mother (to send) him to the bathroom as he (not/to wash) his hands before.

I (to spend) 4 years in college before I (to find) a well-paid job. He (to miss) the start of the film as he (to get) stuck in a traffic jam.

Exercise 4. Поставте дієслово в правильну форму.

The teacher (to understand) that Lily (not/to do) her homework.

The children (to put away) all their toys before mother (to arrive).

The rain (already/to end) before we (to set off) for the journey.

The whole family was sitting in the room.

Grandmother was telling that my aunt (finally/to finish) decorating the house by June.

She (to eat) all the chocolates before they (to have) a dinner.

Melisa (to tell) that she (to find) a good recipe for the dinner.

By the time I (to wake up) my sister (already/come back) from her morning training.

Exercise 5.Перекладіть вправу

Я поїв, перед тим як вони повернулись додому вчора.

Коли приїхала мама, ми вже підготували подарунки.

Марія сказала, що вже купила всі книги.




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